Nora Byrne



off and river-wild

brought east through the concrete

with paper & pen. 


Born and raised in New Hampshire, on a dirt road next to a river, I am currently in my second year away from the States.

I am about to start my design studies in Istanbul, having recently finished an MA in Museum and Gallery Practice at University College London in Doha, Qatar.

I draw everywhere, and collect used paper that I then use to collage buildings, landscapes, figures. My writing is a mess of thought, analogy, and impulse reactions to languages I encounter. I consider the arts a crucial part of understanding and influencing a worldview, and want to show the versatility and viability of creative outputs in creating connections across cultures.

Former projects include contributing and editing for Revels Magazine, an online pop culture publication formed and staffed by College of Wooster graduates, and Model Ingenuities, a critical reflection on my own experiences in the art world as a figure model.

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