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I'm dancing at your wedding

Distance can't stop us sitting by the ocean with prosecco, can't stop us burning in the sun. When we’re there no one is about to leave, no one needs anyone to stay. When the sun is setting over the harbor our gossip is abstract. It's only real with the sunrise when you're on the cusp of something truly new.

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First Impressions

It’s 0300 Arabia Time Zone, approximately the time I went to sleep yesterday. I’ve rolled over, I’ve gone to the bathroom, I’ve daydreamed, drank water. Considering it’s about 10pm back home, I’m not sure why I’m awake. 

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The doughnuts were bittersweet

I managed to stumble upon one of the most wonderful subdivisions of the art world, and it has informed my perspective on art and humanity in a way that inspires me to make my work more impactful, more significant, and more worthy of my time. Paradoxically, I have to leave to gain the perspective and skills that will allow me to do this but I won't forget the encouragement I found in these communities.

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