Born and raised in New Hampshire, on a dirt road next to a river, I am an artist working in Istanbul developing sustainable ways to create and inspire critical reflection on place and urban environments.

This website includes samples of my creative work, major projects, my blog - where I experiment with form & content both in writing and in combination with images. I draw to document my surroundings and experiences, and collect used paper that I use to collage buildings, landscapes, figures. My writing tangles thought, analogy, and reactions to places and languages I encounter.

collaborative work

I currently keep studio space at Nadas Istanbul, a creative house focused on developing ways of living sustainably in the city. I work as a design consultant & collaborator with paper recycling & their Residency Programme.

Former projects include contributing and editing for Revels Magazine, an online pop culture publication formed and staffed by College of Wooster graduates, and Model Ingenuities, a critical reflection on my own experiences in the art world as a figure model.

personal work

I work on commission for collages & collagraph logotypes - send me an email for more information.

Illustration & design work on Behance, fine art & photos can be found on Instagram & tumblr. 

Please feel free to email me with any comments, inquiries, or collaboration proposals.