Two Things.

In my defense, the fact that I haven't written anything since November blew me away. I knew it had been a while, but I guess I'd forgotten that December rarely amounts to anything more than overexcited holiday preparation set to outdated indie covers of Christmas songs. Regardless, I want to get into the year by calling attention to two upcoming, short-lived gallery shows. Charles Cramer's contribution to the 2013 show

One will take place in Kennebunkport at F8 Gallery on Spring Street. I work for a lovely drawing group in Kennebunkport that hosts a large variety of personalities and artistic style. Every Valentine's Day weekend one of the attendants, Brad Maushart, hosts a show at his gallery. I've modeled there before and can attest to it being the perfect space to spend a cold night, especially with the wood fire blazing. The show features nudes painted or drawn at the drawing group, and it's great to see the different ways in which one subject matter can be so variably represented.

A little further up the coast, it's time for 10x10 again, at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland. I wrote a piece on this exciting two-day exhibit last year, and all the artists included will be showing again, with the exception of Russell Whitten, who's space will be adopted by a newcomer. I'm especially excited to see the work of the artists who were newcomers last year, and see how their art has changed.

I'm especially interested to see the work of Thomas Ryan. This is from his Floodwater series.

One of the perks of an annual show with consistent participants is the opportunity to see artists' work over a period of time and observe its evolution. Including younger artists in more formative stages of development makes this benefit more apparent.

I'm sure both of these shows will be excellent, and I would be amiss if I didn't mention the opening of Pho Pa Gallery's new show, Inside/Out. The show is currently on view, but the opening reception will take place during the First Friday festivities on February 6th. Most of the shows in Pho Pa since I became aware of this small cozy gallery have been black and white, and the compelling colors of this new show are sure to highlight the gallery's versatility.

10x10 will run February 20, 5-8 and February 21, 10-3 at June Fitzpatrick Gallery on Congress Street in Portland,

Inside/Out runs through March 7 at Pho Pa Gallery on Washington Ave in Portland,

Information on the show at F8 Gallery is forthcoming!