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And Now for Something Completely Different

I have definitely slouched on the blog front lately, and I do apologize. However, I have some more or less solid excuses and exciting news.

I've felt for a while that I was slacking in my writing on this blog, waxing too far into personal experience without the analytical backing and research that I wanted. However, correcting that would have taken work, and there were art openings to attend and scribble a paragraph about. Basically, I'm out of shape, and tended toward sitting around thinking about how mediocre my post would be anyway rather than just doing to 3-5 miles of research and writing. 

The solution? Find someone who would force me to get down to it and get back into shape, preferably in a British accent. 

Cue frantic call and solicitations for life advice from UCL Admissions Staff

Cue frantic call and solicitations for life advice from UCL Admissions Staff

Done, and done.

I leave for University College London Qatar's Museum and Gallery Practice program in Doha in August. I will try to cobble together some sort of post before leaving, but don't want to make any promises, because I have a lot of guilt obligations to try to fulfill, because I actually thought this process might take a lot longer.

Keeping myself on topic, this blog has been a valuable part of my though process and person reflection for the past four years. Far from being further neglected, I intend to capitalize on my upcoming reentry into critical thought and research methods in order to get my analytical writing back to where it was when I started writing about my modeling experiences.

Busana Muslim Fashion Show, 2009. That double breasted jacket....

Busana Muslim Fashion Show, 2009. That double breasted jacket....

That being said, I think it's a fair assumption to say that modeling opportunities in a conservative Muslim country are going to be few and far between (like, not at all - they wont even let me bring my porn*). What wont be few and far between is the opportunity to experience and observe new cultures, an introduction to a genre of art I have little experience with and am thrilled to be able to learn about, and some really great desert photos. I'm very excited for this next year and hope I can extend a bit of the excitement, adventures, and lessons to everyone who is so lovely as to follow them.

*To all Qatari authorities who might be reading this, I have no porn, have never touched porn, I'm even leaving an exhaustive collection of drawings and paintings of myself nude in America, so that General Giuliani can burn them when I am blacklisted as a Muslim sympathizer and known degenerate.