Mi desperdicio


dime que quieres, del menos de la tristeza pero nunca pregunatarme.

See me en memory vime afuera see me fade and pull me back.

Sleepy, see me on the floor surrounded by scraps gazing into the water, the sky watch me count my stars and search for his waist. Wasted, watch me polyester-clad in the sea coating myself in saltwater tasting home and blood and grit. Leave sand on the floor sunken into your skin break down into parts you’re composite made of pieces of shell and stone that are starting to show.

Let the soft light of sunset pull you open note by note, in glasses of wine, in sunny stumbling twisted tongues. 

She comes in waves, in sand and stubborn, silty sweat. She takes my hand and speaks nonsense talking loudly talking all the wisdom in the world. 

She's there before I leave, every time she pushes and pulls. She crouches in her treehouse and crows at my return. She watches me waste wander on worry with envy, with wild & wine.

Fast & languid, sure and slurring she rides waves laughing and kicking. I see her footsteps in front of me but look behind for her face, toes in the dirt and dust is rising in our tracks.

I'll pull you, with the dust in our blood, drag you from the lure of the trees out from the under the breeze into saltwater where we dangle our knees.

Take it, let's run I'll go forward you back and we'll dance in the sun of some unbeaten track.

Timing's a bitch but we're cunts and you've still got that itch

come with me come to the sand the black sea and we'll dive into night you can't find all these lights where you're going.

where you should be,

steps before me.

of my own mind | potofdust