Something Small

I've admired David Barnes since before I formally admired artists, and while he has a distinctly different main body of of work, I need to share some small things I've seen on his Instagram recently.

I'm not alone in feeling terrified, angry, sad, confused and guilty that it took until to take this situation I've found my country in seriously. I've also never found anything that so perfectly encapsulates my feelings on the subject until I started seeing David Barnes' illustrations about He Who Must Not Be Named Or I Might Increase His Ratings. THIS is what the presumptive Republican presidential candidate looks like in my mind, why my skin crawls when I think about him, why I used to giggle when I thought about his candidacy and why my heart sinks when I think about the people voting for him. But this is also the artistic moment I write for, when artists are able to visually express something I'm struggling to even wrap my head around.

I'm not actually surprised, because he helped formed my entire worldview, but I figured I'd take the reminder and share it.

How I've imagined people since the 10th grade...

How I've imagined people since the 10th grade...