My Last Hurrah


The SPACE Gallery annex is currently one of the coolest places in Portland. Greg Jaime, of The Oak and the Ax (sadly defunct), has worked with other Portland artists to create a cozy wintertime getaway in the smaller side of SPACE, titled Trail Off. There's a definite mysticism theme; shrines, tree branches and a vaguely odalisque aesthetic. There's also a record player, speaker system and a bar. They've already held shows in the space, and it is open Wednesday-Saturday 12-6 (normal gallery hours) for visitors to hang out, listen to records, or look at the art pieces scattered around. Each day there's a chance for a new experience, as gallery sitters lend their unique talents (Tarot readings, manicures, tea) to anyone who walks in. 3b870801-ad50-46aa-a3da-077da6d847e6

As a former gallery sitter, I wanted to be part of this installation/project/undefinable art experience before leaving Portland. I offered to take all my clothes off and sit in one place: my primary skill set. Collaborator Kelly Rioux thought that a costumed figure might go over a little better, and we're all set for tomorrow. If you're in Portland please come by; the space is beautiful and so are the people!