Road <1-3

After a few whirlwind days, and one off-the-grid, I've finally grabbed a few minutes to sit down and write for a bit. It's been a while since I travel-blogged, so bear with me, but I'm going to do a quick re-cap. Day <1: Leave New Hampshire, stop for coffee in Worcester. Talk about moving to California. Typical day.

Get to Villanova around 9:30, try to stay awake long enough to catch up with brother.

2016-02-26 10.07.58

Day 1: First full day out of New England.

Meet with Cathleen Cohen, member of InLiquid, an artist community directory and . Cohen works with an organization called Artwell, using the arts to enhance the mediocre education provided by the city of Philadelphia to disadvantaged youth.

Drive into North Philly to meet Courtney Bowles and Mark Strandquist, founders of the People's Paper Co-Op.

Finish day with a cookie ice cream sandwich in Tolentine hall, watching The Hobbit with brother. Security guard doesn't want to join us.

Want to move to Philadelphia. 

Day 2: Spend morning researching campsites near Shenandoah, then meet with brother to go into "Thrilladelphia" (his words).

Wander around the Rodin Museum Gardens, both of us too unassertive to take advantage of the "pay what you wish" policy when faced with sturdy-looking security guard making it very clear that you have to work to pay less than $12.

Andy subjected to rant about "commodifying our cultural heritage," "reserving art for the upper classes."

Stop for food and beer at Tired Hands Brewery, duly impressed. Amtrak usurps train tracks, leading to another rant about priorities of the establishment and a late start from Villanova.

Evening drive through Delaware, Maryland, Virginias, pulling into Wolf Gap Recreation Area around 11. Fall asleep looking at Orion through the back window of the car.

2016-02-27 21.03.39


Day 3: Unlocking car from the inside sets off the car alarm.

Manage to make tea, toast. Leave to hike Tippet Knob. Couple and their Dauschund keep up with me. Make some snowmen near the top.

Look at atlas, see a few paths to Charlottesville. Confuse all of them. See signs for Art Gallery from the road.

Signs change from Art Gallery to Distillery, Apothecary, Antiques, Free-Range Meats, and Brewery.

Stop in to Pen Druid Brewery to try their oatmeal stout. Duly impressed.

Finally on route to Charlottesville.

Want to move to Sperrysville, Virginia.

2016-02-28 12.25.49

Driving through, reminders of the Civil War everywhere. Pro acknowledgement of historical events and our history, but do constant reminders of a war that decimated half the country possibly perpetuate division/bitterness?