Road 4-6

Day 4: Wake up in Charlottesville, staying with family friend matriarch. Enjoying coffee first thing lifestyle. Arthur the corgi is having digestive issues, food experimentation ensues. Walk by the Rivana River with the dog, Virginia has beautiful kind of viney trees.

Cold pizza (if I were to have a staple food…) for lunch, prepare for interview. Chat with Sam Bush from The Garage, a vaguely experimental artspace sponsored with little fanfare by the Christ Episcopal Church.


Wander around the area, used bookstore, explore library, back to the river. Running more appealing not wedged into daily routine.


Day 5: In terms of foamy beverage, coffee > beer.

Walk to UVA, grand tour.

Lincoln Perry murals in music building, refurbished warehouse lunch and snobby coffee. Art surprise out back. Monticello for the afternoon: going to historical sites with history buffs > anything. Strangely reminiscent of visiting Rome with same family (note: returning to first blog is fascinating). 

Afghan dinner involves a butternut squash/garlic yoghurt situation. 

Cry a bit about Super Tuesday.

2016-03-01 11.10.26

Day 6: Somehow body wakes up 5 minutes before alarm. Congratulate it.

On the road early, make my way to Hillsborough, NC to meet with friend and dog. Snacks at the Co-op and river walk. Complain about the world and snuggle Teddy, who goes swimming. 

Back on road into South Carolina. Highlights: Happy Trails: Cowboy Church and Godivas, the strip club next to a church.

Listening to The Sellout, by Paul Beatty on my way down. Strange but recommended.

To farm where I’ll be WWOOFing for the next two weeks. Highlights: Wilbur, Evie, Toby and Rosemary. The humans are also lovely.