Road 7-13

About a week later, on the farm. Addition of two goats and two pigs to the animal roster. I'll just run the headlines:

Spawn: a term used in mushroom circles

2016-03-09 08.10.56

Each infant basil plant to get its own pot - To prepare for a plant sale in April, basil plants are decreed to an individual potting situation.

White girl gets sunburn - Woman explains she left sun bonnet in Lee, New Hampshire.

Overgrown Muscadine attracts snow - South Carolina saw snow near Caesars Head, where an overgrown muscadine vineyard received a thorough pruning.

2016-03-09 09.17.57

Police Log: Yankee disturbs peace at local grocery outlet - Police called after multiple complains of an unresponsive woman standing by Bargains' granola bar selection, swearing under her breath.

Editorial - Everything I own smells like campfire.